Day 20: Temple Lights


Temple Square Lit Up

When I was a little girl, a long, long, time ago, I had 2 places that I longed to be. One was Disneyland (we went there every summer for our family vacation and even lived in San Diego and Rancho Penasquitos for a few years) and the other was Temple Square.

Every year, around Christmas time, our family makes a night out of walking around Temple Square in Salt Lake City and taking in all of the splendors. We warm up in the Visitor’s Center and enjoy live music and all of the spectacular art and spiritual uplifting that is available there. We listen to the recounting of the birth of Christ, with a life-size nativity that is outside.

This evening, we went in with my sister and brothers, my mom and dad, and several grandkids. It was cold. It was later than we had expected it to be. I was extremely sore (my back is still throbbing). Yet, it was so worth it all, for the brief glimpse at eternity through the nativity and the temple. What a glorious place to be.

Temple Square kids with mom

And with so many people whom I cherish. 🙂

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