Day 21: Pretzel Power


8th Day of Christmas Crazy 8s Pretzel

Today, I was busy working on gifts, so Aaron took care of the 8th Day of Christmas….which he decided to call Crazy Eights. He made pretzels with the kids for the first time and they turned out rather well. But more importantly, he spent some quality time with the kids. While I was sewing and working, I enjoyed hearing him joking with the kids and dissuading Luken from inventing a time machine. I especially loved hearing them rough house together, reminded me of when I was young and my dad would wrestle with us on Sunday evenings. Those Sunday Wrestling Sessions are some of the happiest memories I have in my life. Even though my dad was busy finishing up law school and then trying to run a business and was gone a lot, he always found little snippets of time to spend with us. Aaron is equally as wonderful a dad. I love that he had a day to take it easy and enjoy the simple joys of being a daddy.

8th Day of Christmas Crazy 8s Pretzels

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