Day 22: The Wubblies



I totally missed putting in a picture yesterday…oops! (as if there is anyone keeping track or even reading about my photos for December lol). I was pretty busy working on my Wubblies into the wee hours of morning. I had wanted to sew a baby doll for Ryan, but after observing Simon and Luken at play with her baby dolls over the past few weeks, I knew that I would need to make the boys baby dolls as well. When I was picking out the fabric for the dolls, I saw so many different options and knew that I would need to have them all. I am going to give the Wubblies as a family gift, so the kids will feel more comfortable playing with them all together. I couldn’t decide on how to make the pattern, and so I decided to just create several different patterns, each unique, each beautiful. Yeah, they aren’t perfect and they may not seem very beautiful to you, but they are exactly the way they were planned to be. I even created a baby who is missing one of his/her legs and another who has 2 different colored eyes. I plan to make an albino doll later this week and a baby who is smaller than the rest. I will have a baby with only one eye and if I could create a baby with down syndrome features, I would do it in a heartbeat. I want so badly for my kids to be accepting of everyone, no matter how they look or what conditions they struggle with. Some of my Wubblies are skinny and some are chubby, the shapes of their heads are different and their hair colors will all be different. They will be androgynous, so the kids can dress them in either boy or girl clothes and decide for themselves if they are a boy or girl (which is what they already do with their store-bought dolls). I have had so much fun making these and plan to make another one before I put on the hair and begin on the clothes…..although, with Christmas morning coming upon us so soon, they will be arriving naked. It will be fun to have the kids help design their clothes and I can’t wait to see their faces, when they are introduced to The Wubblies. 🙂

Wubblies closeup

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