Day 23: Annual Traditions


Family Nativity 1

Tonight was my family’s Annual Christmas Eve Party (which is actually no longer on Christmas Eve….because I finally told my parents a few years ago that this was now going to be set aside as my own family’s night to spend alone together). Every year, since I was a small child, we have gotten together as a family and celebrated Christmas by having all of the children put on the Nativity for all of the adults. This year, Jamin played Joseph, Ethan played Innkeeper #3 and the Angel, and Luken played the donkey, a sheep, assistant director, and a Wiseman. Ryan, who was sick (she has had a fever and threw up a couple of times today…poor little lady), was at home with Aaron. And Simon was running around causing chaos of one sort or another. It was a rather enjoyable night. Wonderful food, low stress, and spending a few hours with some of my life-long friends.

Just in case you were wondering, Jamin did not have pregnancy envy (actually Mary forgot to stuff her belly, so it was a bit comical….but I refrained from laughing about it). When I asked him why he had stuffed his belly, he informed me that he wanted to play a fat Joseph this year. And because I couldn’t come up with a reason why he shouldn’t be fat, I didn’t even try to dissuade him from it. Who am I to say what Joseph’s figure looked like, right? 😉

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