Bus Conversion 2012


The third phase of our Bus Conversion was from July-September 2012.

Once again, we were without money or resources. We had put our home up for sale and had a few interested people, but because there had been so many foreclosures in our area, everyone wanted to get a great deal…..and leave us with a debt. I had begun a business, Gypsy Essentials, with the sole purpose of creating income for our family, doing what we loved. This took up a lot of my time, so the bus conversion was all but completely stopped.

Until I mentioned how I wish I could finish up the conversion to a group of friends on FaceBook. One of our friends said that her husband wouldn’t mind helping us out with the electrical (this had been a HUGE issue for us…well, read the post to find out). They would be on their way through UT during the summer…..

View from front 7-28-12

By July, Rich was out to our home and had completed in two weeks, what would have taken me a couple of years to figure out. We really enjoyed their family.

view from front 8-2-12

I enjoyed my very first experience with stain……and  A LOT of it!

I worked on getting all of my precious Brazilian cherry wood installed into the bathroom (this was probably one of my most enjoyable parts of the conversion, thusfar…..did I mention how much I love this wood?)

I finished up the Dinettes, as best as I could for now. And I have to say, I was pleased with how they turned out. 🙂

We created a Media Cabinet, where once there was only a mirror and some obnoxious bus paraphernalia.

I finished up the wall directly over the front door….Love One Another.

The boys and I also finished up the Control Cabinet….this one was a doozy!

I figured out a useful purpose for the wall behind the shower….and created a Tea & Spice Cupboard.

We finished up the headboard in the Master Alcove, along with the inside of the Master Closet (MMMmmmmm….cedar!).

Traveling Herbs Complete

And to wrap up the year, we removed the front door handle and created an area for our traveling herbs…..which are resting in our square foot garden, beneath our cold frame right now.

Looking forward to the final (hopefully?) phase of our Bus Conversion. We will be finishing up the plumbing, switching out the front door, installing A/C units, a stackable washer & dryer unit and a refrigerator, hooking up our gas, putting down our hard wood floors (which have been in our garage for the past couple of years), and a myriad of other little steps. Can’t wait for the snow to melt. Until then…..

Pura Vida!


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  1. Interesting story and pictures. We look forward to hearing and seeing more. Be sure to post pictures of bunk area. I can NOT imagine 8 people all fitting inside. We had five kids…but never entertained the thought of all of us in our bus at one time. Our’s is a GM 4104 home conversion, named The Last Resort. Hope to see you and your bus down the road. What part of the US are you in?

    • Bob, we look forward to posting pics of the bunks. They will be done as soon as it is warm enough for my wimpy body to head back out there! Hope to meet up with your family, as well. We are in UT. Where are you guys at?

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