‘Laxin’ in Walla Walla


20 Cinco & Mama copy

After the first couple days of excitement, it was so wonderful to spend the next few days just ‘laxin’ in Walla Walla, WA with Aaron’s brother and his family. They have such a lovely home and yard….rural and retro. Aaron went out early the first morning and came back in to let me know there was a newborn foal next door…. nursing. I grabbed my camera and watched for a photo op. So lovely. His name is Cinco, as he was born on Cinco de Mayo.

21 Harvey's Headstone  When we had come home the night before (from the temple), we found one of my nephew’s guinea pigs wasn’t doing very well. He passed away in the night. The next morning, we buried Harvey: Two-Face. This was the rock that my nephew and his dad painted for a grave marker. The funeral was beautiful. I think it was nice for our kids and my niece and nephew to be able to relate their own experiences with losing pets, especially since we just recently lost one of our pet hens unexpectedly.

22 Whitman Mission (2) 23 Whitman Mission

The kids were able to earn their first Junior Ranger badges with their cuzzins at the Whitman Mission National Site. We learned a lot from the 30 minutes of movies, the museum, and a walk around the original site. It made me realize how much of the early conflict between “whites” and “Indians” was because of miscommunication and different religious beliefs. I see so much of that happening today in our country. There is such a division and it makes me sad to see anger and confusion surrounding people who are all beautiful and want the same thing.

24 Whitman Mission 25 Whitman Mission

26 Walla Walla Night Glow 27 Walla Walla Night Glow

We were able to make it to the Night Glow at the 40th Anniversary of the Walla Walla Stampede. My photos don’t do it justice. So spectacular! I love hot air balloons. They are probably my most favorite form of transportation, even though I have never been up in one….maybe next year. 😉

28 Lift off

Alex woke up early with me the next morning, to see if the weather would cooperate and we would be able to see many, many balloons lift off. As you can see from the picture, these were the only 2 balloons on the field. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

We went to church with our family and I convinced the kids to go up and sing with the local primary kids. They knew the songs. And the closing song was our family song, Love At Home (if you missed my post on the song, here it is). The older kids knew all three verses, as we have been working on memorizing hymns this year, and this was the one I chose. Such a proud mama moment for me.

29 Walla Walla Greenhouse

After church, we relaxed some more. Then I was ready to head out for a drive. While the younger kids enjoyed time with cuzzins, Aaron, Alex, and I went sightseeing. I had seen a magnificent greenhouse on our way home from the Whitman Mission, the previous day. So Aaron found our way back there and I began taking pics. I asked the fellow who was there if I could take pics of the inside and he said he didn’t mind. Someday, I am going to build a greenhouse that is this lovely. I really am.

30 Walla Walla Greenhouse 31 Walla Walla Greenhouse 32 Walla Walla Greenhouse Window

We also found a few vineyards (Walla Walla is becoming the next Napa Valley for wineries). I experimented a little with my teeny tripod and my telephoto lens. I spent quite some time doing this. I felt so loved, as Aaron kept insisting that I take my time and enjoy my experience. He really loves me and I know it.

33 Walla Walla Vineyard

He even stopped by a long-abandoned home that Alex and I spied.

37 Home Sweet Home Doorknob

Alex agreed to be my model. This series is called Home Sweet Home (as per the sign a previous squatter scribbled on the wall).

34 Home Sweet Home Gal 35 Home Sweet Home Abandoned 36 Home Sweet Home

Back at Aaron’s brother’s home, we made sure we utilized the fire pit. Hot dogs and marshmallows, along with some absolutely amazing fruit salad made by my sil. It was such a treat!


38 roasting marshmallows 39 roasting marshmallows 40 roasting marshmallows 41 roasting marshmallows

I love this man…..scruff and all!


42 Cinco & Mama_

We went on a mystic walk over to the high school (which is pretty fly) and I got another snap of Cinco and his mama.

43  Baby Sheep

These are some lambs next to the high school.  Walla is so similar to Utah, we felt right at home during our time there. It was wonderful to have a few days to relax and just to enjoy some sweet company. While it was hard to leave cuzzins, it was time to move on to Seattle. Can’t wait to share our days there!

Pura Vida!

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