Roses, Clover, & Beaches…Oh, My!


142 City of Roses

While we were anxious to get to the coast, we knew that we needed to stop by the Washington Park International Rose Test Garden before we left the Portland area. Even though they weren’t all in bloom (in fact, only around a dozen were when we went), it was well worth the time.

143 City of Roses 145 City of Roses 146  City of Roses 149  City of Roses  Distant Drums was my most favorite for show and smell.150 City of Roses

151 City of Roses

Climbing roses and clematis….one of my favorite combinations.

152 City of Roses 153B City of Roses 153C City of Roses

Ryan’s favorite flower is the rose, so she was really excited to see why Portland is called The City of Roses. This was Ryan’s favorite rose, she enjoyed smelling all of them, to help figure that out.

154 City of Roses

While we were all enjoying our self-guided tour of the gardens, Simon decided he wanted to climb the hill…..

155 City of Roses

Such a stinker!

156 City of Roses

Rhapsody In Blue was Aaron’s favorite. He likes a more subtle scent (at least that is what he told me, when I asked). LOL I love that he enjoys nature as much as I do.

157 City of Roses 158 City of Roses

Mother of Pearl was nice.

159 City of Roses 162 City of Roses

This lovely building, covered in moss and ivy was the restroom. I would love to have a bathroom that looked like that!

163 City of Roses

Here is the men’s side….beautiful.

164 City of Roses  165 City of Roses

This packed purple rose was amazing, as well….

166 City of Roses

But this peach rose was my favorite for scent. I spent 5 minutes digging around in the bushes, trying to find the name of it…..somebody must have taken it home with them. It wasn’t there. Seriously? It was sort of a peachy scent. So delicious! If you make it in to the gardens, make sure you take a whiff of this rose. It is located up by the parking, next to the middle tennis court.

167 Pittock Mansion

As we exited the gardens, I saw a sign for the Pittock Mansion. I had plans to do a tour with the kids, if we had enough money in our budget. After paying around $400 for new tires, we were too tight to go in here. But Aaron knew how much I had wanted to go in there, so he insisted that I at least get some pics. I spent around 20 minutes walking & snapping pics and I just happened to be walking past the Gate House, when a FREE tour was beginning, so I can was able to see some of the Pittock Mansion. LOL

168 Pittock Mansion 169 Pittock Mansion 170 Pittock Mansion 170B Pittock Mansion 171 Portland cityscape

The views of Portland from the Pittock Mansion property were breathtaking.

173 Clover Fields copy

We stopped to grab some gas and some food, then we headed out towards the coast. I had asked the manager at our hotel what the best route was to take out. He said that 30 was more beautiful, but 26 would cut off around 15-20 minutes of out time. We had planned to take 30 (after all, we knew I would be stopping to take pics every 5 minutes along the way, whichever route we took). In the end, we ended up so far south that 26 was actually 45 minutes shorter. I was kind of bummed. Until I saw how magnificent Highway 26 was…..I am still wondering how amazing 30 was, after driving along 26!

174 Clover Fields copy

Aaron and I both gasped when we saw the red fields. When we stopped so I could get a closer look, I saw that someone else had also stopped to grab a shot of this intoxicating red clover. There was already a path down to the field.


175 Clover Fields copy

I can now say I know why bees love clover. I felt like I had walked into the poppy field in the Wizard of Oz….so relaxing. Simon said the clover smelled like marshmallows and cheese….I thought it smelled like honey.

176 Portland to Oregon Coast_ 178 Portland to Oregon Coast_

Even pit stops provided some lovely shots, along the way! We drove up to Fort Stevens for the evening. As we arrived, it was apparent that the rains had come in and weren’t leaving. We didn’t have a rain fly for our tent, so we couldn’t tent it. We drove up to Astoria. So many people have raved about how amazing Astoria is. Um, I am not sure if we just went on a really crappy week for Astoria, but I didn’t even post the photos I took….it was that un-amazing. My personal suggestion, if you don’t have to go up into the town of Astoria, save yourself the trip. I seriously was shocked for the entire 2 hours we were driving around and calling hotels and motels to try and find a room.

We did finally find a hotel in Seaside. I told them we had 5 kids and wanted to keep the cost within our budget. Fortunately, they had a larger room with enough sleeping for us. Such a blessing!

179 Lewis & Clark

The next morning, we headed out to Fort Clatsop to see where Lewis & Clark camped and adventured for a few years. I wasn’t expecting this National Site to be so beautiful. As the kids worked on their Junior Ranger badges, I found so many of God’s wonders to capture.

181 Lewis & Clark 180 Lewis & Clark182 Lewis & Clark

Aaron was stoked that these were thimbleberries!

183 Lewis & Clark

Ryan loves Sacagawea.

184 Lewis & Clark copy

And the salmonberries looked like they would be nummy to snack on!

185 Lewis & Clark

Luken & Clark….(Luken came up with the name).

186 Lewis & Clark

I thought the bathrooms at the rose gardens topped it all….then I found this garbage can along the trails at Fort Clatsop. I know. I am strange. I find beauty in the strangest places.

187 Lewis & Clark

WHO puts that much work into a garbage can?  I would love to have this in my home….not as a garbage can, though.

188 Lewis & Clark

The kids really enjoyed seeing where Lewis & Clark stayed during their expedition out west.

189 Lewis & Clark 190 Lewis & Clark

Being in nationally-protected sites has been a new experience for our curious little monkey. He is getting better. He used to keep bringing me rocks, pinecones, and sticks…now he knows better, once he hears it is a state or national park.

191 Lewis & Clark

He was our leader….just waiting for the rest of the group to catch up.

192 Lewis & Clark

You can go through the next few pics quickly….they are all of the wonders I found along our path. So much beauty all around!

193 Lewis & Clark copy 194 Lewis & Clark copy 195 Lewis & Clark 196 Lewis & Clark 197 Lewis & Clark 198 Lewis & Clark copy 199 Lewis & Clark 200 Lewis & Clark copy

When I look out over this river, I can’t help but think of the Natives who lived here for centuries and the expedition that “discovered” this area. It must have been magical for them. Such a treat!

201 Lewis & Clark

Our own little Voyage of Discovery to the Pacific Coast….love these guys!

202 Lewis & Clark

The gift shop was like being in a candy store for some of us….

203 Lewis & Clark

204 Lewis & Clark

The kids were thrilled to learn that they had earned not only a badge, but a patch, a rank patch, and a certificate.

205 Lewis & Clark

Love my Junior Rangers!

206 Lewis & Clark

And this man….who is such a great father.

207 Seaside Lupine

After we were done at Fort Clatsop, we headed back down to Seaside. One of the sisters at the Portland temple had told Ryan about some swings that were right on the beach. She was determined to swing on that beach.

208 Seaside Swings

While swinging on the seaside was awesome, that was about all that we could find that was awesome there.

209 Seaside Swings

The kids enjoyed time on the beach.

210 Ecola NP

A lot of the residents and businesses along 101 have these buoys decorating their yards.

211  Ecola NP copy

We drove up to Ecola State Park and enjoyed the views.

212  Ecola NP213  Ecola NP214  Ecola NP215  Ecola NP copy

216  Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach was pretty cool. The water was warm, the sand was warm, the atmosphere was mellow.

216  Nehalem NP217  Cannon Beach218  Cannon Beach219  Cannon Beach220  Cannon Beach223 Nehalem State Park_

Looking at Nehalem Beach from this angle makes me a little dizzy…what about you?

224 Nehalem State Park_225 Nehalem State Park_

The kids were so excited to finally be able to camp out! We told them we would head down to the beach, once our tent was set up.

226 Nehalem State Park_227 Nehalem State Park_

The beach was only a 2 minute walk from our camp spot. Love Nehalem State Park’s Campground!

228 Nehalem State Park_229 Nehalem State Park_230 Nehalem State Park_231 Nehalem State Park_

Acrobats down the hills to the beach….you don’t want to know where we found sand. 😉

232 Nehalem State Park_

Three beaches in one day….makes Aaron a very happy man.

233 Nehalem State Park_234 Nehalem State Park_235 Nehalem State Park_236 Nehalem State Park_237 Nehalem State Park_238 Nehalem State Park_

239 Nehalem State Park_

As we were driving out of the campground, we saw this beautiful doe, grazing in the waning sun.

240 Nehalem State Park_

We found a great pizza shop right outside of camp, inside the town of Manzanita. Pizza and Marshmallows. The perfect way to begin our camping adventure. Make sure you get a good look at all of these blue skies….you will be shocked to hear about the next couple of days of our adventure. Until then….

Pura Vida!

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