Aaron is a closet writer, with a beautiful voice, who takes very good care of those around him. Danni is a creator of many things and mama to 6 beautiful creations. Alex is definitely a spitfire, full of wit and abounding with talent. Ethan is a walking encyclopedia and extremely aware of others’ feelings. Jamin is an amazing architect and soldier-in-training. Luken is the brainiac who can talk a million miles a minute without taking a breath for even a second, nope, not even one itty bitty, teeny-weeny, little second. Ryan is our sweet little princess/tomboy, depending upon who she’s hanging out with at the moment. And Simon is the Houdini, always two steps ahead of us and full of mischief (and delight).

So, why the name Sun Dragon? There’s a story behind it that we’ll share with the world someday. Aaron’s nickname is Dragon. Danni’s nickname is Sunni. We are gypsies at heart, with a love of traveling and a desire to show our children the world. If you’d like to follow our family’s adventures, feel free to follow us here. We are planning on traveling around the United States for a while and eventually making our way around the world. We look forward to the adventure. Thanks for supporting us! :)

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