UT Adventures: Lagoon!


Alex’s boyfriend, Mitch, is one of the sweetest guys around. We absolutely adore him. He has been such a joy for us to have in our lives, both as her best friend for the last couple of years and now as a boyfriend. He works at Lagoon and was able to get us some discounted tickets during the month of April (for employees’ families…which we may be someday. Hey, you never know!). Both Mr. C and I hadn’t been to Lagoon since we were young teenagers, but we decided to go last year for his birthday (my surprise to him). It was such a fun date night (actually, we made it into two date nights, with some bounce back tickets). We have never had enough money to justify getting season passports, but if we weren’t planning an adventure around the USA this summer, we might just consider season passes this year. The kids had so much fun!

The older boys enjoyed going on the bigger rides, especially Colossus, Roller Coaster, Wicked, and Samurai. The littler kids enjoyed the littler rides, especially Puff the Magic Dragon, which we could all ride on together.

We gave Simon some grapes instead of a nap…it worked for us.

We didn’t even make it into Pioneer Village with the older kids, there was so much to do. That will be fun to enjoy another time. Oh, and just in case some of you were thinking about coming to the park drunk….think again. Lol….seriously?



Mrs. C

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